Lovely Pregnancy Session

April 11, 2013

Do I stil do pregnancy photography? Yes!

I get asked this a lot since it is not currently on my website, but I am working on adding a pregnancy gallery on my boudoir side of my site¬†because I still do a lot of them, and love doing them. It’s what I started out doing way back when I was shooting (and developing, and printing!) film, and you know, there’s just something about working with those lovely curves, and all they represent that is just so wonderful. And I don’t know what’s up lately, but there’s just a lot of pregnancies goin’ on around here!

I unfortunately don’t have time to post them all, but I seriously had to do eenie-meenie-miney-mo…..and I chose this one because it has this awesome ethereal quality to some of the images due to the fog on the beach. I love that. And of course I always love doing nudes outdoors – it’s just so timeless and beautiful.

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