Concept Shoot for Kuntz Productions

September 24, 2011

Well once again I had the good fortune to work with the extremely talented producer Pam Kuntz of Kuntz Productions, and several dancers, in an exquisite home in Bellingham for this promo shoot for an upcoming dance/theatre production which explores the intricate nature of relationships.

Concept shoots are fun because you have time to brainstorm, set up – change it up, and explore different avenues to reach your destination. And working with another creative brain, who is coming from the perspective of a different medium (and staring at the back of your camera with you as you shoot) is just so much fun….and kudos to the dancers who repeat a move over and over until we get it “just right”. That’s no easy job, let me just say…..not to mention the patience and generosity of the family who put up with all of us, and my lighting equipment….and moving everything around….well, you get the idea.