Concept Shoot

May 30, 2013

I really love doing concept shoots – whether they are my own, or someone else’s brainchild that I’ve been asked to participate in. Working with other creative professionals is always so inspiring….like getting  a group of like-minded, enthusiastic and passionate people who each compliment the others’ medium together in the sandbox to play. You never really know where it’s ultimately going to go – you have ideas, they have ideas, and it’s this wonderful sort of organic evolution over the course of a few hours or days.

This particular shoot was the idea of Cheryl Chalfont-Jason of Cherwear Professional Makeup Artistry. One of the great things about doing these types of shoots is that everyone involved gets some value out of it – while we get to push ourselves into realms that we don’t always get to explore with the average client. In this case, Cheryl wanted to highlight a couple of local businesses that she was enthusiastic about, and felt could utilize some of the imagery. So we pulled wardrobe from The Casual House in Oak Harbor, and shot the story in the lobby and lounge area of The Majestic Inn & Spa in Anacortes.

Then she got two wonderful models to work her magic on, Amber Muse and Erin Rose…..who rocked!

It was a quick but very fun shoot – and our models were just amazing. Am looking forward to the next one!

Thanks again to Cheryl for asking me to collaborate, to The Casual House for loaning us the wardrobe,  to Breelee at The Majestic for letting us drag equipment all through the lobby and lounge for 2 hours – and to our patient bartender who made our props and even became one himself for a few shots! So much fun!

And stay tuned for my next concept shoot – coming in July! Think a little surreal & magical, this time outdoors – because it’s almost summertime!

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