DECADES: 70’s Are Beautiful…

June 13, 2014

“70’s are Beautiful” is the third installment in my “Decades” series….celebrating the beauty of women from their 50’s through 90’s. To view the first post in the series, visit here.

I knew Linda was my choice for celebrating the 70’s when her daughter emailed me and put her name in the hat – describing her as vibrant and social….and recuperating from from a little fall which had somewhat put a crimp in her activity level. The clincher was when she mentioned that the tumble happened on some slippery steps as she was going out the door with a bottle of wine in hand to visit friends. (The wine, apparently, survived the fall). She was my kind of gal.

Over the course of a couple of months, when I would talk to her, she kept saying “Are you sure you want to use me?” – giving me an”out” every time. Well, – I’m so glad I didn’t let her dissuade me – what a beautiful woman – with a beautiful daughter and grandchildren (who happened to be there while we were shooting). I think Linda is the perfect one to show how awesome the 70’s can be!

What she loves about her current age is having successfully retired, giving her time to pursue her “now” goals of bible education, time with family, and traveling. She also loves reaping the benefits of having developed lasting friendships. (I love that).

And what would she say to her her 20 year old self if she could??

To pursue her first goal of becoming a nurse…that marriage could wait.

Thank you so much Linda for sharing your love for living your 70’s in style!

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