DECADES: 90’s Are Beautiful…

August 4, 2014

DECADES: 90’s Are Beautiful…

Whew! Well my summer seems like it is going at the speed of light – I just realized I never posted my last installment on my Decades series!

Meet Betty  – I was originally going to end the series at “80’s”….that is until I met with my 60’s model Liz, and happened to meet her 98.5 ( hell yeah – if you make it to the 90’s, you go back to counting half years like you did when you were little!) mother Betty.  I instantly loved her. Seriously – it is clear where her daughter gets her bright and strong spirit. I decided that if she was up for it I wanted to take a few shots of her as well.  And guess what? She was not only up for it, she made sure she was wearing a lovely dress, and was thrilled to have her makeup done for the occasion….she was into it.

I think you will fall in love too 🙂

What does Betty love about being 98.5 years old?

I love the age I am now because life has slowed down and I can pause and enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty here on Samish Island. The grass seems greener, the trees taller – look and see. I have lots of time to read and life is interesting and exciting.”

And she would, if she could, tell her 20 year old self:

“Enjoy every moment. Be kind and loving to everyone, we are all brothers and sisters. We are in the same boat. Do your best and leave the rest.”


Thank you Betty!

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