December’s Hot Hit-List!!

December 15, 2011

Yeah, I know. I totally blew this off the last couple of months….sort of got put on that overflowing back burner. (You know – the one that threatens to burn my house down every October/November after Wedding season!) But I have been bookmarking cool finds here and there, and it’s time to share…so here’s December’s picks…

I’ve been wanting one of these for the longest time. I finally got a {Kelly Moore} B-Hobo Bag when I lost my old lensbag at the airport on my way back from a shooting wedding. It’s OK, it was time. The bag was falling apart, and I really did need something a little more constructed – that I could also carry my wallet, keys and phone in. Plus, I just really dig the cool promo videos 🙂




This is a site I just stumbled upon one day, but I find that I keep going back. There’s a lot of really unique items on here, with temporary discounts. So for a little something different, for a little less than you’ll pay next week, check it out! It’s {FAB}





I just find much of what this guy has to say interesting, and worth reading. Nuf said. {Jonathan Fields}





This site is a glaring example of my obsession with being organized. My obsession, of course, is not a reflection of my reality. I just love organizational systems/tools/products, and live in a perpetual state of hope that one of them will actually transform my life. This one got me totally excited because it’s designed for creative people….you know, us right-brained peeps. (Or is it the left? I can never remember, but you get the idea). I especially like how the “Action Cahier” comes in your choice of a very cool looking orange or blue. (I have no idea what “Cahier” means, but I love orange, and feel 10% more organized when it’s in my purse.) {Behance}



Just because these headpieces are lovely. And I love lovely things….{Jane Taylor Millinery}