French Knot Couture

October 31, 2015
French Knot Couture Spring Collection 2016

How lovely are these soft pastels in the French Knot Couture Spring Collection?! Light and airy, and full of potential for swishing your way through your day., these classic beauties have such lovely little details whether you’re coming or going. ¬†This was a super fun shoot – and we were graced with sunshine! A huge shout out to Kelsey Ekstrom for the fabulous hair and makeup, to our wonderful and patient models Jane and Missy, to Vases Wild for the stunningly beautiful floral “jewelry” (I am just crazy about them!), to Jill Boyd for her unwavering help in all things “extra”, and to Brandywine Nursery for letting us use their property (thanks so much guys!!). What a great group to get to work with – and I think we got some very lovely images…


2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture002 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture007 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture008 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture010 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture013 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture015 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture023 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture024 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture028 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture030 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture032 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture034 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture038 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture045 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture049 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture053 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture056 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture059 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture061 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture067

2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture018 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture080 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture087 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture094 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture102 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture104 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture114 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture1222015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture072

2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture075 2015-10-20_COM-FrenchKnotCouture073