Hotel 1000 Boudoir

April 24, 2012

I don’t often get permission to post my boudoir images, which are a huge part of my business…so when I get the OK I get very excited! I wish I could post them all – there were so many beautiful images that I love. This was a super fun shoot, in a gorgeous corner room at Hotel 1000 in Seattle. The client was so much fun – enjoying every minute of this great gift from her boyfriend. (It’s really like getting a gift for you both after all).

Hair and Make-up was by the much-in-demand Jenny Bowker, who not only does a gorgeous job, but is just a lovely person to work with. The fabulous jewelry was courtesy of Boudoir Bed & Bath, a must-stop visit before your boudoir session!


Oh Paloma – that would be SUCH a cool gift to give him! And then you can spend the night 🙂

I LOVE this! Now I totally want to do a boudoir shoot at 1000, that’s where Tony and I met!

I want some of myself, before I’m too old!

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

I am not believing what I am seeing. Drop dead gorgeous work – all the way around!

Simply beautiful….. well done and classy!!