Mad Max {Red Salon}

January 17, 2016

If you live in Anacortes – or nearby, you probably know about the themed holiday shows that Aveda Concept Red Salon puts on every year….and if you’ve been a fan from the beginning, you know they just get better every year. Well, pretty sure this year the team of creatives knocked it out of the park with their Mad Max theme.

I can’t stress enough how much work goes into these – from initial concept, to hair and makeup, to wardrobe and styling, to location scouting …and photography. Take your time going through these images to appreciate it – the details folks! Keep in mind that none of us are working with a budget. This is something we all do because it keeps us inspired, we love working together, and we have so much fun with the final product. Look at the care that goes into the wardrobe….all created from what could be culled from what was readily available, and transformed (with a lot of sleepless nights!) into an amazing wardrobe – even the jewelry was created for this shoot/show. Notice the gorgeous makeup, and hair – every detail thought out to bring forth the vibe of the theme. I swear, I get filled with emotion when I look at these and know that it was accomplished by women who have full time jobs. Young children. Partners. They carve out another slice of themselves to bring this to you…and to keep their engines oiled. Our models find time in their busy schedules for numerous fittings, and a long arduous day/night of being living works of art. Thank you so very much to my beautiful daughter and step-daughter, Eva and Delia (sorry – I have to put that in here! They are both such strong lovelies that take my breath away on a daily basis) …and to the fabulous Nat, the ever gorgeous Maddy, and the exquisite Angela – thank you all for bringing it alive, braving the wet and cold (and starving!), and generally being so great to work with.

So. A huge huge shout out to Kelsey Ekstrom of Red Salon and Christy Rainchild of Rainchild Stylist {Prop~Set~Wardrobe}, and also to the very accommodating guys at Lovric’s…these images would just not be what they are if they had not allowed us to haul our models and gear through their workplace.  Thank you so much John – hopefully I will meet you next time! (And I hope we weren’t too disruptive). And finally I’d like to thank little Gracie and Logan for being such great grips and holding lighting like pros for me when I was a hand short. I apologize for so many images, but there were just too many I loved…


MadMax_0003 MadMax_0004 MadMax_0005 MadMax_0006 MadMax_0007 MadMax_0008 MadMax_0009 MadMax_0010 MadMax_0011 MadMax_0012 MadMax_0013 MadMax_0014 MadMax_0015 MadMax_0016 MadMax_0017 MadMax_0018 MadMax_0019 MadMax_0021 MadMax_0022 MadMax_0023 MadMax_0024 MadMax_0025 MadMax_0026 MadMax_0027 MadMax_0028 MadMax_0029 MadMax_0030 MadMax_0031 MadMax_0032 MadMax_0033 MadMax_0034 MadMax_0035 MadMax_0036 MadMax_0037 MadMax_0038 MadMax_0039 MadMax_0040 MadMax_0041 MadMax_0042 MadMax_0043 MadMax_0044 MadMax_0045 MadMax_0046 MadMax_0047 MadMax_0048 MadMax_0049 MadMax_0050 MadMax_0051 MadMax_0052 MadMax_0053 MadMax_0054 MadMax_0055 MadMax_0056 MadMax_0057 MadMax_0058 MadMax_0059 MadMax_0060 MadMax_0061