Newcastle Country Club Wedding

December 1, 2011

Newcastle’s stunning views of Seattle’s skyline, and the luck of a beautiful day made this wedding a standout of this past summer.  If you’ve never been there, go just for a lovely lunch on the terrace to enjoy the view even you don’t golf.

This couple actually met in the Skagit Valley, and enjoyed years of friendship and memories there – so they wanted to have some of their portraits taken in that area as well….so we made a little  visit to Terra Bella in Conway and had some fun shooting before the wedding day. (I’ve posted a few of them after the Seattle wedding shots at Newcastle)…..So this post is a little heavier on portrait shots than most!

The amazing flowers (have you ever seen roses that color??!!) were done by Stacie Sutliff at Blush Custom Floral,  and Hair & Make-Up for both shoots was done by Kelsey Eckstrom.


Now {BOOKING} weddings for 2012!


Oh Phyllis – how sweet of you to post that! I just can’t believe that a year has flown by….I cherish your friendship even when we seem to be ships passing in the night!

Suzanne, I can’t believe it has been a year since July 29, 2011!

Your photos are such a lovely reminder of all the beauty and joy our wedding could hold. Thank you not only for your stunning photography, but also your tried and true friendship, and all the laughs and fun over the years. Here’s to many more!


Wow! I love how bright and airy these pictures are! The brides dress is great too!

So many great photos! That dress is beautiful!

You are truly gifted Suzanne! Looking at those pictures is like being a guest there taking in all the love and splendor. xoxo

Suz….amazing! You are a “star”, too! (get it!) Just when I think you’ve surpassed what I’ve seen of your past work…you
release this story..beautifully unfolded..of a day they’ll remember forever. The bride, the flowers by Blush,the’s all so perfect. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Phyllis for letting us all get a glimpse of their wedding day. xoxo

Oh my – 20 years!! That should be a party 😉

Once again,Suz, I am overcome with your talent of capturing beautiful moments within the day that bring emotion and true sentiment to the occasion. I want to get married again just to have you tell our story. I love love love your work. We are a year and half away from our 20th anniversary….hmmmm!