The Perfect Storm

February 20, 2014

Creative Concept Shoot

This has been a long time coming.

Since doing this, I have done several other concept shoots while this languished on the back burner. Why?  Well, mostly because it is doing the opposite of what I normally do when I shoot – which is  to make every attempt to get it “in camera” to reduce post as much as humanly possible. This, however, was to be a composite image – taking many images and piecing them together to create what I had in my mind. This was also an idea I’d had percolating for a long time, and was very meaningful to me. It was for my daughter. And I wanted it to convey the idea that beautiful things come from taking in and accepting all the parts of you, and all your experiences – good and bad. That those things that can seem bleak and unforgiving can – through the process of forgiveness, acceptance and perspective transform you. That something beautiful can come out of it all.

I wish I had a video of this shoot – because trust me, the weather looked nothing like it does in the final images. Remember that storm back in the fall that came raging through with rain and thunder and lightening? Well, we had our nearly naked model, Jennifer, standing in a mud field for hours while our brilliant stylist Christy Rainchild literally built the outfit from the ground up. This was after weeks of us scouting locations, and gathering all of the things necessary to create it. And just as she finished, the storm descended – what were we to do?? Bail? Nope. We busted out the umbrellas, covered the camera gear and model (between shots), and forged ahead until the wind and rain had us totally drenched, freezing and muddy. I’m still cleaning equipment months later….

The funniest part of the shoot (I know I’m going to get cautionary emails on this, but it’s too hilarious not to share), was that the model’s back was to the storm…..she was unaware of the lightening going off behind her as she stood shaking in the wind and rain holding her umbrella, telling us how the last thing her fiancé said as she went out the door was “just don’t end up in a field somewhere holding an umbrella in a thunderstorm”….

Once again, this could not have happened without the Hair and makeup by Kelsey Ekstrom, and the amazing work of Christy Rainchild of Rainchild Style – they make dreams come to life!

And to Jennifer – you get the model of the year award for your fortitude and dedication!!!!