Perfect Summer Northwest Wedding

November 11, 2011

You know how sometimes things just flow, seemingly without effort…while other times no matter how hard you try, things just don’t quite go as “planned”? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion, after many years of observation, that this phenomenon has more to do with the outlook and attitude of the people involved than with any actual circumstances.

Christine and Michael were one of those couples that never – not for a minute, forgot what their wedding day was really about. They thoroughly enjoyed their day, and each other. And it showed. I absolutely loved working with them – and even though Verizon decided to not work at a really critical time (communicating with the groom for the First Look, and having to break and enter to find a land line), and a couple of other little “surprises”, this wedding was flawless in my opinion. Because of their ability to roll with the unfolding events they had no control over, and because they knew what was really important.

I just love these guys. I got to shoot their engagement, and I’m working on their wedding album now….It’s soooo hard to pick my favorites, because they just shine in every one. I had a blast photographing  them, and I was so happy that they got such a beautiful evening and sunset on the water as a kiss from God on their wedding day.

Also – check out this beautiful video shot by videographer/artist James Dean!

Fabulous styling and event coordination by Cloe Designs

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Venue: Majestic Inn & Spa and Port of Anacortes