Who We Really Are

JameyCace0072I hear a lot of wonderful sentiments that are delivered at weddings, and I wish I could remember them all….but since I am busy shooting away when that is going on they end up drifting out of my mind by the end of the long days.

But this time I contacted the officiant/friend and asked her if she would send her notes to me from a recent wedding. I was struck by the message – based on Revelations 2:17 where Jesus says:

“to every conqueror I’ll give a white stone inscribed with your new name, your secret new name”

She expanded on this, referencing the interpretation by well known poet/novelist/minister George MacDonald:

“It is their true name – the one that expresses their character, the nature, the meaning of the person who bears it. It is the man’s or woman’s own symbol – his soul’s picture in a word – the sign which belongs to him and no one else.  Who can give a man this, his true nature? God alone. For no one but God sees what a man, or woman, is.”  

So often, in the “business” that is weddings, and the sometimes hyperbole of the event, the real meaning of what is taking place can get lost – the sheer magnitude of pulling together the logistics of the day can result in a level of stress and exhaustion that obscures the real treasure of the day….that of baring your soul to another in such a way that you trust them forevermore with that vulnerability. And you commit yourself to building something stronger between the two of you and God, in that sacred space, that is impossible to achieve alone.  The wedding day is the drop that contains the ocean…

“In marriage you have a great opportunity: to look at the other and glimpse and nourish and believe in their true nature, their true name. It will require perseverance and commitment and forgiveness  – because our true nature, the truest person that you are, the person God made you to be – is obscured by all kinds of things – our own backgrounds, our fears, poor choices, the people and world around us. But it is there – your own true nature that God sees and longs to restore and sent Jesus to fight for.  Look for it in one another. See each other like that. Call it out in each other. Believe in each other.   Help each other to be the true man, the true woman that this world needs and that you long to be.” – Carolyn Culbertson, Officiant

So I just wanted to share that.