Rococo Dreams

Sometimes my ideas tell a story, sometimes they make a statement, and sometimes they are just built around a color palette, a feeling, or an element of nature. About three years ago I started thinking about doing a conceptual shoot with a Rococo vibe (I love the colors, the motifs, the sheer over-the-topness of it), but like most of my ideas it didn’t see the light of day. Then, 2016 happened. The idea resurfaced and seemed to be a good fit to visually explore the the widening chasm between the have and have-nots, and the perception of “The Other”.

In this case, I’m particularly interested in the interplay between what we idolize and how that informs our choices and viewpoint. What we see, and what we are blind to because of it, and what fears and self perceptions those idols speak to. I am curious about the deeper fears that “the other” brings up for us, and how even when suffering and devastation is right in front of us, we are able to remain indifferent. I decide to “frame” the tableaux – a nod to the idea that history will remember.

***For the sake of keeping this blog post brief (relatively), and not taxing those of you who would rather just take in the imagery without any further explanation of my thought process and motivation behind it, I decided to put a more complete post on a separate page…so for those of you who might be interested, you can read the original complete post {here}.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this shoot…and also to thank them for their patience. I shot this in June, at the start of my high season, and was not able to edit them until this last month or so. I think that’s a good thing though…it gave me some time for some much needed reflection.

This shoot is rich with details…please take a moment to really absorb the crazy talent on display here. Deanna Reynolds created the magnificent cake – it is all hand painted and edible. When I first met her and described my idea to see if she was interested, she jumped at it. She came back to me with sketches that literally made me cry when I got back in my car – it was more than I could have imagined…more than I knew to even ask for. I happen to know her magnum opus was born of sweat and tears. And zoom in to the magical little petit-fours and French macaroons created by Isabelle Wynn – they are miniature treasures! The detailed tablescape styled by Rainchild Stylist, complete with lush florals by Sapling & Splendor was everything I hoped for. This is the beauty and power of collaboration…one person raises the bar, and it lifts everyone up to the next level. And then someone else does the same, and we all spiral up. It is the very best kind of high, and I am so grateful to everyone for being a part of that. A huge shout out to Wander Event Rentals in Bellingham for the loan of the furniture and other tabletop details, Pearl Buttons Vintage Style for some of the wardrobe pieces that I modified and the fabulous jewelry (and for always thinking of me when they get something in they think I might be able to use in a shoot!), French Knot Couture for the use of the gorgeous cream tulle skirt, Refeather Your Nest for the loan of the hearth, and of course to our models, Delia Rothmeyer, Heith Bailey and Chloe Rain Roberts – you guys were simply the best. And thank you Kat Rose-Agnew for the perfect makeup (and styling help!). My gratitude also to Brenda Treadwell at the Port for arranging access to shoot on their property, and to Amanda Savage for painting the lovely flowers on Delia’s back.

This shoot was a bit of a stretch for me, as I created Delia and Chloe’s wardrobe myself and even made a wig from scratch (that was a crazy experiment). I created the shoes with thrift store finds which I then painted and applied fabric and trim to. I also want to thank my parents, Brett and Eva Fox for always being at the ready for anything I might need…and letting me raid their craft cupboards. And finally, this is where I thank my husband for putting up with the entire kitchen/dining area being taken over for months. Seriously. Shit everywhere.

Cake: Frosted Cakes and Bakes

Petit-Fours & Macaroons: Isabella Wynn

Florals: Sapling & Splendor

Tabletop Styling: Rainchild Stylist

Jewelry & selected wardrobe items: Pearl Buttons Vintage Style

Makeup: Kat Rose-Agnew

Handpainting on model: Amada Savage

Furniture & Tabletop treasures: Wander Event Rentals

Tulle Skirt: French Knot Couture

Models: Chloe Rain-Roberts, Delia Rothmeyer, Heith Bailey