Breanna + David

This small, intimate San Juan Island wedding was so magical…the couple had spent part of their courtship (can we still call it that?!) at Lime Kiln Park studying the Orcas. Because of how special that time was for them, they decided to have a tiny ceremony there at the lighthouse for their wedding.

Having barely gotten through the vows, a pod of Orcas, adults and babies, made their way right along the shore – spouting and playing as if to bless the union and say hello….of course everything came to a screaming halt, and rightfully so. Everyone dashed to the rocky shore to watch this most amazing display…it really did just take your breath away, and gave such a spirit of union to the entire day. It will forever be in my memory as a favorite wedding because of this, and Breanna and David could not have been more wonderful to spend the time with. It was especially sweet when, as soon as she was handed off to her betrothed by her father, David – to everyone’s surprise, was so overcome that he immediately grabbed her and kissed her before the ceremony even began!

We also made a little foray into town and down to the marina at sunset…and Schooner’s North was kind enough to let them jump aboard the gorgeous Spike Africa for a few shots which was really fun.

I am very late posting last summer’s weddings, but better late than never I suppose!

Hair & Makeup: Spa d’Bune

Florist: Robin’s Nest

Cake: Felicitations Bakery

Caterer: Vinny’s Ristorante

Videographer: Bogle Productions


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