Pregnancy Boudoir (Yes!)

March 14, 2013
{No need to shy away from this, in Seattle boudoir photographer’s opinion}

Now before you go getting all “Whaaat?” on me, let me explain. I get asked periodically if I do “Pregnancy Boudoir”, so I thought I would respond here, for the benefit of anyone who might wonder but feel hesitant to ask.

First, let’s revisit the term “boudoir”….although the first association you might have is “sexy picture”, boudoir actually originally referred to a woman’s private sitting/dressing areas connected to her bed chambers. This was a distinctly private place where although she might choose to romantically entertain her partner, it was her space. She was free to disrobe, bathe, relax, and engage in private pursuits without fear of interruption.

This is how I think of it – and I often approach the genre photographically with the idea of capturing simple, private relaxed moments in that space where a woman feels safe enough to “let her hair down” so to speak. So, that being said, there is plenty of room in that idea for the pregnant woman. For the young woman, for the mature woman.

It’s a miraculous thing, this body, and there’s no stage of life, in my opinion, where it cannot be celebrated. Sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes gently and quietly.

There is room for all of it.

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