Senior Portraits: Pearle

September 1, 2015

Well it’s that time again….the summer snuck by, and the start of the school year has crept up on us.  Part of what I so much enjoy about this time of the year are the senior pictures. This year is particularly poignant because I have, in front of my lens, a parade of faces I have seen grow up alongside my daughter (who is also a senior this year). Seriously….where does the time go? It’s bittersweet – seeing them all grown up, yet still shades in their mannerisms of  those kiddos I remember – some from as far back as preschool.

Pearle spent a lot of time at our house in middle school, and it was so much fun to hear that laugh again, and to see how she has just gotten more beautiful with every year. Don’t you agree?


2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0006 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0008 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0010 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0014 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0016 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0018 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0025 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0030 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0034 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0042 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0054 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0060 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0066 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0070 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0075 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0076 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0080 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0083 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0089 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0090 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0109 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0114 2015-08-19_SENIOR-PearlePeterson0118