Amélie Concept Shoot

June 11, 2016

What happens when you are chatting with your client about her upcoming senior session, and she mentions her favorite movie Amélie (which also happens to be one of mine – which immediately got me excited), asking if we could take a couple of shots inspired by it? Did I mention I got excited? Once it was on the table, I knew that I wanted to do a whole shoot around the idea, and that she would be the perfect model. So… we did that. (We also did her senior session, a little later).

Along the way, trying to gather all of the bits and pieces I’d need for props, I serendipitously happened upon an image on the fabulous Ever in Transit blog (you really have to check them out and follow their adventures!). It was a woman with the exact same umbrella that Amélie uses in the movie!! I mean exactly the same! You can see a post she did on that cool find {here}. Never one to hesitate to go out on a limb, I emailed her, and explained what I was up to. “You don’t know me, but I’m doing this concept shoot and…” (if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that). I didn’t really even expect an answer but thought it was worth a try. To my surprise, I got a very warm and accepting (even excited!) response, and this lovely woman Cassie, who lives in California and who doesn’t know me from Adam, shipped her precious umbrella to me to use. I just love making those kinds of unexpected connections…and I am so grateful to her for trusting me to use and return it. (Thank you again Cassie!!).

We were also very fortunate that the totally rad owners of Dad’s Diner (one word: YUM) let us shoot there during business hours….and trust me, these guys are always busy! Thanks so much Fletcher and Neil! And the ever helpful manager of our local ACT Theater, Tim Brown, let us (and some willing friends in tow) in to do some shots…allowing me to set up lighting and populate the scene while they were right in the middle of finishing building props for their upcoming play. It really is amazing how accommodating so many people are, and I am so thankful for that. I always want to be able to return the favor by saying “yes!” when someone needs something for their own project.

Sometimes you can’t find certain key pieces that you need, and you have to make them. This is the part of concept shooting that will drive you (or your family) a bit crazy. So out on our front porch I made a faux photo booth out of wood. It BARELY fit in the bed of the truck when we hauled to the studio. I keep forgetting the whole “measure first” thing. Then, of course there is the whole problem of getting rid of said props…but that’s another story.

It was a long day of shooting in the studio, at different locations (thank you Rainchild Stylist for letting us use your bedroom and helping with that!….and  for letting me remove your pictures from the wall, rearrange furniture, etc!), and of course some post-processing and compositing. It has sat on the back burner for some months, and I have finally gotten back to finishing it up. I rather like how it turned out!

A huge thank you to Alex, my beautiful, and very patient model!! She rocked it.

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