So, before we all hunker down for the holidays in earnest, I have some rather big news. (Well, big for me, as it’s something I have been struggling with and percolating on for some time now).
I’m sure those of you who are in business for yourself can relate to how a business evolves – with or without your direct hand on the wheel sometimes…and how being focussed in a certain area can have a “lifespan” so to speak within that evolution.
For the past 5 or so years I have been shooting a lot more commercial and branding work (which rarely makes it to my social feeds – those being more heavily focussed on weddings and portraits). As this part of my business has grown, and with some of the changes in the wedding industry…. along with a growing desire to have weekends to share with activities with friends and family in the summer months, I have made the decision to not book any more weddings, and to shift the arc of my business towards branding and creative content.
It’s been a hard decision – I love all of the aesthetics that go along with weddings – the beautiful details, the the emotions of the day, and the spontaneity of all the little moments… not to mention my FABULOUS clients (no lie) and the other vendors in the industry. But it’s time for me to listen to that inner voice and step into the next phase of my business, just as I have stepped into the next phase of life in recent years.
I have found that I really love telling the visual story of entrepreneurs – people like me, and creating beautiful content for them to share their labors of love. From headshots (which I strive to make more fun than the average!), to a full branding session that creates content for the entire year for a business, this is where I am finding myself and truly loving it.
YES! I definitely still do engagement sessions and portraiture! Family, Seniors, Pregnancy, Boudoir… they are still the lifeblood of my business and what I love doing. But sometimes you have to say no to certain things to be able to give your best to where life is telling you you need to go. We can’t do ALL the things – even when they are hard to give up. In the spirit of cultivating and curating a life that is balanced and fits my priorities, this is the new adventure! (Well, not really new, but it will be new to my website and media feeds from now on!).
Mostly I want to thank all of my clients – who I rave about constantly, and many of which I have been so fortunate to share in their lives and growing families. You probably don’t realize how much a part of my life you are, but many many thanks for being in front of my camera.
So stay tuned for a new year, a revamped website, and plenty of inspiring stories…