Fine Art Creative Portraits {And a new website!}

March 3, 2017

So – I have just launched my new website in an effort to highlight a new direction I am taking my business. While weddings and various types of contemporary portraiture are still my mainstay, I have been making more and more room for something (for lack of a better descriptor) I am calling “Fine Art Creative Portraits”.

This type of portrait has been a natural outgrowth of my love of conceptual photography, which I have reserved primarily for my own creative outlet and certain commercial work. I really started feeling like I wanted to bring this into the mainstream a few years ago, but wasn’t really sure how to reach my clients with the idea. So I finally decided to just do it – to make room for it and highlight it on my website and social media channels.

These sessions are sometimes fun and whimsical, sometimes deeply personal…portraying deep seated stories of peoples lives – like depression, or heritage. Maybe they have had a certain movie or celebrity that has resonated with them their whole life and they want to step into that role for a day. Or maybe they have an affinity for the world of fantasy, and want to see themselves as a woodland faerie or a character from a fairytale. Or perhaps they have a favorite painter and want to be photographed in that style – or from a certain period in history. Or…maybe it is something more abstract, and they want to create a piece of art that expresses itself through their participation in front of the lens, or that tells a story.

Whatever it is, it opens into an adventure of discovery and creation that the client has ownership in, and where they walk away with something that is a once in a lifetime expression of some aspect of themselves – or of something that’s important or meaningful to them at this point in their life. How amazing is that? To walk away with one of a kind images worthy of a magazine – worthy of putting on your wall as artwork. Not to mention….you will have more fun than you can imagine! Sessions include full hair and makeup, pre-shoot consultation to chat about the idea and decide on location and wardrobe, and full styling of your session.

If you want to book a session, or just want more information, contact me here.