Hawaii Shoot: Lady Godiva

December 5, 2011

I’ve been waiting to post this for a while, as I had to wait until the product was launched. I did a few shoots for this commercial client while in Hawaii, and while I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, this one for the Lady Godiva line was my favorite..here’s why.

It was one of those shoots that required a lot of forethought – and I knew ahead of time exactly what I wanted. That all sounds great right? Well, it is – but then you have to figure out how to make all the elements that you envision actually work together, and at the right time. That’s the fun part. And every time I look at this image, I laugh to myself at everything that went into it, and everything that was going on just outside of the frame to make it happen…..crazy!

After scouting the island the day before at sunset hour for the perfect spot that would have the perfect wave, and then getting hair/make-up/wardrobe coordinated, and then carrying all the gear and props over our heads through a lagoon, we set up and waited. And waited. Yeah, I shot a few frames during this time, and they were lovely….but they weren’t the shot. Time was running out, and as you can see from this image the sun would be gone in about 30 more seconds. Rob’s arms were getting tired from holding the lights off camera right, and the model was exhausted from holding her pose wave after wave. Make note – the poor girl could not see what was coming at her from behind – the stylist was up on the ledge with her, just out of frame also getting soaked, hollering out the countdown before each wave hit.

Finally….just moments before the sun disappeared, we got the perfect wave. I remember screaming across the expanse to Paula (the model) “Don’t Move – hold it hold it hold it!!!!” as Julie counted down for the critical moment. Fired a shot – got it…. relief screams all around. We all clambored down from our spots, and popped the bottle of champagne we had hauled out with us, and cheered as the sun slipped away.

Now that’s what I call a great day. Thanks to Paula Kuhnemann of Smart Woman, Julie Burgmeier of Skagit Marketing, Rob who tirelessly held the lights, and of course my fabulous client, Kelly of Natural Bitch (where you can get some amazing products and see more of my work).


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Thanks Kelly – that is so sweet. Love you back 🙂

Suzanne, You are simply lovely & you create magic with every picture you take! You are a blessing to every life you touch with your talents! I wish you blessings Ten Fold for every life you have touched.
Love You, Kelly

Deb – it was JUST the sort of thing you would have loved….lots of creative energy with fun, amazing people 🙂 xoxo

~BRAVO~ Holy Wow!! I wish I could have been there to experience all this amazing energy!! LOVE love love…you and your work!!