July’s Hot Hit-List!

July 21, 2011

Wow – I have about 20 groovy things to rave about on my list this month!  Not to mention my new-found obsession with {Pinterest}, which I have convinced myself will magically organize me. This of course is delusional, but I live in a state of constant optimism. Reality is just an offshore juggernaut. I did manage to narrow it down to 5, but only after allowing myself spillage into August

I admit it. I’m super excited over my new Kindle. I know this probably marks me as old….but I can’t help it. I take it everywhere. I feel empowered to multi-task reading in a way I never before thought possible. Of course, it’s not really possible, but the Kindle makes it seem like it is. I mean, it’s not as if it creates more time for you to read, but the sheer accessibility of material is enough to make a bookophile giddy. Plus, no one has to know when I’m reading a trashy magazine while getting my pedi. {Kindle}



These are, hands down, the most comfortable shoes ever! I love them! And just to sweeten the deal, they are a really cool company. For every pair of shoes they sell, they give a pair to someone in need. I can totally get behind that. Get a pair….you won’t want to take them off. They are my new work shoe – I just ordered a second pair. {TOMS}




How cool is this??!! Put your engagement, wedding, boudoir or family pics on this and  leave it around for a conversation starter. Ok, well maybe you wouldn’t want to leave your boudoir pics on the kitchen counter, but on your sweetie’s side of the bed? Yeah. {Image 3D}




My new very very favorite yoga pant. Lululemon Groove Pant. Every butt looks good in these…’Nuff said. {Lululemon}




These cards are so unique, and so beautiful to look at you’ll want to frame them. And inside each one is a removable little insert that has a beautiful saying on it that expresses the topic of the card (creativity, peace, soul sister, gratitude, birthday, etc) for you to put on your wall, computer, fridge, mirror…wherever! And they are hand glittered! What more could you want in a card?? {Little Altars of the Soul}