Megan + McCay E-Session

April 29, 2017

Because I have been so remiss about posting on my blog this past year (ever since I discovered Instagram everything else has suffered!), I am just now posting this gorgeous E-Session from this past summer…and today I am shooting their wedding. This couple flew in from out of state for both their engagement session and their wedding, and I had the honor of getting to spend an entire day with them, as we made a little adventure out of taking the ferry to the the islands and meandering around San Juan Island to do their pictures. I have to say, I could not have enjoyed my time more – I really hated for the day to end – they are the kind of people you wish would just stay and be your friend lol!

One of the really cool things about that day happened on our drive back to the ferry to go back to Anacortes – we had already seen quite a bit of wildlife, including a fox, but suddenly a black fox (that’s right – I didn’t even know such a thing existed!) ran in front of the car. I hit the brakes, and for a second it stopped right in front of us, turned and looked at us, and then ran off the other side of the road. We just looked at each other, jaws dropped, and said “did we just see that?!” We honestly felt like we had seen some kind of magical creature. I looked it up when I got home, and sure enough, they are rare, but they are real. Just like Megan and McCay…