Retro Boudoir-Pregnancy Session

August 11, 2011

So I was doing a little personal project, using Dirtie Bird Photography’s studio (thank you Marika!), and and was given permission to post a few of the images. I’ve hardly even started editing them, but pulled a few out that I love. The last one was shot with a plastic (lomography) lens that I’ve had for quite some time but haven’t had the time to play with. I wanted an ethereal sort of old polaroid look, and I have to say I rather like the result….

I had so much fun with this session, in part because I was just getting to play, and also because I had a very willing and creative subject, Kelsey Ekstrom (who also happens to be a fabulous make-up artist who does a lot of my brides and boudoir clients).  I often rent studio space in various locations when I need it for clients, but I don’t normally use their distinctive props that are their signature…..I made an exception since this was a personal project of mine and I didn’t think I’d be posting them. So if you like that groovy little couch, give Marika a call!

The only downside to the afternoon was when I was moving a side table just a few inches out of the frame and one of her cool lamps wobbled and…..yeah. It was one of those slow motion moments – like the one in A Christmas Story where Ralphy accidentally flings the lug nuts into the snow while his dad is changing the tire in the dark….“OOOoooooh FUUUUUUUDDDGGE!!!” Except he didn’t say fudge. And either did I. (Thank you Marika for being such a good sport about it…I’m shopping for a new one!)

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Thank you so much Marika…I’m heading to Mary’s tomorrow 😉

I love these images! The last one is especially amazing. I am crazy about the lomography look. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!