Skagit Valley…falling back in love.

May 17, 2011

OK, so I admit it… I’ve had a little bit of a bitter attitude about the weather lately. You know I’ve hit my personal wall when I start making completely idle threats about moving to a foreign country (Austin or San Diego isn’t good enough at this point – I’m convinced nothing short of foreign soil will make up for this sodden experience).

And then…the sun peeks through. And I take the long way home from a shoot in the city, and hit a couple of farm stands and commune with the cows, and I’m all ready to buy a tractor or something. This is how violently my pendulum swings. I came home happy, with an armload of fresh produce and a couple of random vegetable starts, and all is well with the world again….


yep. nope. how could you ever leave. well maybe. not yet.

Thank you for the feedback!! 🙂

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These photos are gorgeous and I recognize them all. I never get sick of that trip and I’ve driven it at least hundreds of times.