SODO Styled Shoot

April 13, 2016
This SODO styled shoot was inspired by – and celebrating, that gay marriage is now legal. We wanted to show an idea for a sophisticated, upscale urban vibe for a lesbian wedding.  For a couple of grown-up girls with couture tastes looking to make a different statement on their wedding day… to pair cutting edge fashion (a sleek two-piece pantsuit, an elegant gown) with wearable botanicals and a bridal bouquet that is more of an accessory than a traditional posy.   Celebrating the trend of blues and metallics in a swanky urban style, and featuring the work of women owned North Sound vendors, this hits the mark for the urban bride!

This shoot was a labor of love for Vases Wild and French Knot Couture…if you haven’t been a part of a fully styled shoot it’s hard to explain the amount of work that goes into it. I think they absolutely nailed it with this one – everything from the fabulous venue to the modern theme with all the details, to our lovely and gracious models Nicole and Sydney. What a fantastic team to work with – I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating…there is a particular joy and energy that comes from collaborating with other creatives. It’s inspiring, and it at once pushes you to do your best while also kind of cradling you in that net of synergy that is happening between you. A little side note here – as I cringe a bit when I use the term “creatives”, since I believe everyone is creative. I’m just referring to that heightened zone that you get into when everything is clicking between various talents that are really pushing themselves in that moment – it takes all of us (I think) into that place where every artist endeavors to go. Call it “being in the zone” or whatever – you get what I mean. And who doesn’t love that feeling? It is one of the most valuable ways I get better at what I do, and gain an appreciation for what each person is bringing to that moment. I felt very honored to have been asked to be a part of this, and want to thank everyone who participated and put so much of themselves into it. It shows. Also a heartfelt thank you to Jill Boyd, who quietly and tirelessly assists with whatever is needed in the moment.

Check out all the fabulous vendors who made this look so amazing!

Event Design, Florals, Living Jewelry: Vases Wild

Wardrobe – Gown & Pantsuit: French Knot Couture

Venue: Within Sodo

HMUA: Salon Bella

Cake: Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Placecards, chair signs, ceremony banner, marquis lights: Feather & Fox

Dishes:  Cort Party Rental

Linens:  Choice Linens

Chairs, Tables, Sofa:  Pedersen’s Event Rentals

Loganberry Liqueur: Whidbey Distillery

Champagne: Chateau Ste. Michelle

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