Surprise Engagement – San Juan Style!

October 28, 2011

This was the most well done, flawless, surprise engagement I have yet seen….and on a sailboat on a beautiful day in the San Juan Islands to top it off!

So here’s the backstory….I was hired to take some promotional “wedding style” shots for the wonderful Kruger Escapes on their lovely sailboat. I offered to bring my own models, as I happened to know of a couple I thought would be great for it. When I asked Joe and Claire (who had been dating for over a year) if they would be willing to play Bride & Groom for an afternoon sail they jumped at it…and the date was set.

About a week later Joe called me on the sly and said he wanted to propose to Claire during the shoot – she is notoriously hard to surprise, and he thought it would be pretty cool to capture it for posterity. I was in charge of carrying the ring, as we had to first take a ferry over to Orcas Island to meet up with Jess and Karl who would be taking us out to sea.

I’ll never forget when I handed him the “fake prop” ring box and he got down on one knee – she thinking that she was still acting a part. Well, I’ll let the images tell the rest of the story….but notice her unconscious “two thumbs-up” when she sees a real ring in the box!

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It really was a special day, and a special experience to be part of that….and we all stayed dry, but hated to leave!

What an amazing experience that must have been as a photographer! Very amazing pictures and I hope none of your equipment got wet!