Valentine Giveaway

February 6, 2015

blogVdayI thought I’d do a little something different for Valentine’s Day this year.

To be honest, I have some issues with this “holiday”, and the pressure it puts on  couples and singles….and I started reflecting on the not-so-distant past when myself and several of my best girlfriends were all single at the same time. We saw a lot more of each other then, and while I admittedly miss that, I am so happy that they have all found a special someone to spend their time with. But I think we really cherished certain aspects of being single as well, and we definitely all grew in different ways during that period of time – including some very valuable self-awareness.

So…I’d like to celebrate the singles this Valentine’s Day, and give away a Classic Boudoir Session to a single woman who you think deserves a little something special. (Remember – you are nominating someone else – not yourself!)

Tell me who, and why,  (I love stories!) at, and I’ll choose the lucky winner on Valentine’s Day!