Vintage Circus – Concept Shoot

September 2, 2014

As many of you know, I loooove doing concept shoots. I have a book that is crammed with ideas and sketches I have added to over the years – very few are realized, however, as life has a way of hogging up time and leaving very little for the “extra” extracurricular activities. Added to that is the fact that these kinds of shoots are not accomplished alone – it takes a team of creative and willing people to come together and coordinate schedules, create wardrobes and props, scout locations, etc etc.

For these reasons I normally do these kinds of shoots in the off-season. But when I found out that the theme for the lingerie show at Boudoir Bed & Bath on September 19th was “Vintage Circus/Steampunk”, I swooned. I was slated to take a few shots for them to use as promotion for the show, but as it happened, a Vintage Circus theme was one of the first ideas in my little book – one I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Soooo…I reached out to Kelsey Ekstrom (Makeup Artist), and Rainchild Style (Stylist) on the off chance they were available to “play”.  When they said yes, it just snowballed, fueled by my manic enthusiasm – despite not having near enough time to really put together all the ideas I had. My house and backyard were a wreck as I stitched, painted and created props and backdrops, and the texts flew between us as Christy stayed up nights creating wardrobe magic from yardage and scraps I passed along to her, and Kelsey nailed down the looks for our amazing model Delia.

So this is what happens when you work with awesome people, and live in an awesome town. They stayed after work, they stayed up half the night, they showed up and went till all hours during the shoot. And so many business owners allowed me use of various props. How cool is that? And believe me – this was pulled together in a very short amount of time!

So here is a huge – and I do mean HUGE shout out to the following generous people who helped make something fun and creative happen – something that keeps our juices flowing with inspiration when we sometimes feel as though we are either on a treadmill or in a rut.

Kelsey Ekstrom (Makeup Artist)

Rainchild Style (Stylist and Wardrobe)

Delia Rothmeyer (Model)

Boudoir Bed & Bath (Props & Wardrobe)

Pearl Buttons (Props)

Head’n Home Hats (The awesome steampunk hat! – This guy has every kind of gorgeously made hat you can imagine!)

Skagit Cycle (Unicycle)

Sassy-Frass (props)

Juicy Dog (Hula Hoops)

Lola-Leigh Events (Wardrobe)

Meagan Lacey Maillet ( Whip & Crop)

Renee Stark (Fog Machine)

Julie Burgmeier & Carol McCormick (The star crown)

And last, but definitely not least, thank you Tony Kunch for the loan of the fabulous cougar!!! Vintage-Circus-01Vintage-Circus-02Vintage-Circus-03Vintage-Circus-04Vintage-Circus-05Vintage-Circus-06Vintage-Circus-07Vintage-Circus-08Vintage-Circus-09Vintage-Circus-10Vintage-Circus-11Vintage-Circus-12Vintage-Circus-13Vintage-Circus-14Vintage-Circus-15Vintage-Circus-16Vintage-Circus-17Vintage-Circus-18