Vintage Gowns….Circa 40’s & 50’s Lookbook

August 14, 2013

Outrageous fun with vintage gowns from Pearl Buttons

Oh My Gosh…..Just look at these gowns!!! I spent yesterday afternoon & evening shooting a mere sampling of these amazing vintage gowns from Pearl Buttons – it was one of those shoots where time just flew.

I can’t even tell you how much fun this was. I also have to tell you that it never could have happened without my marvelous hair and makeup artist Kelsey Ekstrom (I like to call her mine, even though she really doesn’t belong to me….), two fantastic models – Taylor, and artist Alissa Johnson, and of course the tireless efforts of Jackie at Pearl Buttons who pulled all the magical items together,  did all the costume changes, and somehow (along with her husband Duane) also managed to be my assistant when I needed two more hands. Whew….

Hopefully the images do these rare gems justice….I can’t stop looking at the rusty/orange one with the crinoline, and the black duo at the end is straight out of a 40’s Vogue…and oh the red one! Unfortunately there was not nearly enough time to photograph them all…but perhaps we’ll do a round two soon. Meanwhile, be sure to stalk her Etsy page when she fires it up.

Thanks for all the hard work everyone! And Jackie & Duane, thank you for the hospitality!