Vintage Scandinavian Elopement

July 7, 2016

So I had this idea in my head for a vintage Scandinavian elopement styled shoot…I envisioned snow, a dramatic mountain as the backdrop, and a couple of wolf-ish looking dogs to go with the bride and groom. Well, easier said than done – especially in the west Cascades. Weather and scheduling everyone involved was really problematic, but I couldn’t let go of the idea.

On the day we originally planned to shoot, there was a storm. A few days before the rescheduled date, one of the beloved dogs died and the owner was understandably too devastated to participate. And although 24 hours before the shoot the ground was snowy and gorgeous along the river, and Mt Shuksan was majestic in the background,  when we arrived the next day it had all melted and the cloud level had dropped – obscuring the mountain completely. I started to feel like I was swimming upstream, but so much had already gone into it that I decided to go ahead with a modified version…as it started to snow. I was reminded of my parent’s saying “There’s nothing harder to let go of than a bad idea”. Not that it was a bad idea…just maybe unrealistic at a certain point, given the dilemmas we were faced with.

What I wanted to illustrate was that you could have an elopement – or a very small ceremony, in the wilderness and still create something extra magical (because let’s face it – nature is magical without any help!) with details like you see here. I think a lot of couples might want to do something more adventurous, and want to create an intimate experience with their own unique fingerprint on it so to speak, but think that it’s either/or. We wanted to give an example of something very attainable, with all the aesthetics and details that take an experience to the next level – where you walk away from it and think “That was so unique and amazing…unlike anything I’ve done before”.

I was working with such a great team of people – all of which kept assuring me they were game to go forward (They have likely reconsidered the wisdom of that since!). So here it is…Plan B. I still think it came out so beautiful – even though it wasn’t the original vision – thanks to the efforts of a really awesome group of talented people!  Thank you so much to our wonderful models, Ben  and Angela (bride and groom), and Maddy and Scott (the “witnesses”) for enduring everything that went along with this adventure! I am so grateful to everyone listed below for their contributions – be it time, talent, products, creations, etc….You were all so wonderful to work with, and so understanding about the rescheduling.

Styling: Rainchild Stylist (A true talent with props, sets and wardrobe creation, design and styling)

HMUA: Kelsey Ekstrom (Amazing hair and makeup – every time)

Florals: Flowers by Shamay (Give her an idea – a vision, and she will make it come true)

Wedding Dress Designer: Wai-Ching Studio (Why have a generic dress? Do yourself a favor and check her gorgeous designs out for yourself!)

Menswear: Butcher & Tweed (Absolutely love his custom vests and bowties! So standout – he will take your idea and deliver it to perfection)

Paper Goods & Signage: Robinson Paperie (Just beautiful work…so easy to communicate your ideas with, and so talented)

Tableware & Props: Vintage Ambiance (Beckie has everything…and I mean everything! And so many completely unique items. A dream to work with!)

Cake: Hoffman’s Fine Pastries (provided the traditional Scandinavian “Princess Torte”, which is unbelievably delicious)

Silks: Silk & Willow (The lovely silk ribbons on the bouquet, and tabletop – I’m in love with them!)

Aquavit: Old Ballard Liquor Co. (Go check them out – she makes amazing aquavits, and is a wealth of information on pairing the different ones with foods! Try making the featured cocktail “Norwegian Blonde” for yourself at home here)

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