What’s in a Name?… (And a New Website!!)

February 8, 2013

I’ve been trying to answer this question for my business ever since I got remarried to a truly wonderful man a few months ago. And although the prevailing opinion was to keep the name (my ex-husband’s) that I had branded my business with (the consensus being a form of business suicide to change it), I just couldn’t seem to resolve certain aspects of the idea of keeping it.

It’s complicated. 

It’s part emotional – after all I have two beautiful children that share that name. But every time I tried to imagine not changing my business name to match my now legal name, it just didn’t sit right with me, and I knew that feeling was not likely to go away with time. If I was going to change it, now was the time to do it…..as I happen to also be launching a new website that is more iPad/Smartphone friendly.

In a nutshell, here’s my thinking.

My “brand” ultimately is me. In my line of work, the line between personal and business, friend and client, is fuzzy at best. And I love that about what I do. Clients become friends, work comes by way of personal referral, and I foster long-term relationships. There is an endless supply of photographers out there – my clients choose me in large part because of the immediacy that is felt and the relationship that is formed – which results in the kind of images I produce. How I capture my clients is a direct reflection of that comfort and ease that they feel with me. It feels somehow artificial and vaguely confusing to me at some level to try to live under two names. I am me. At work, at home, at play.

So you can now find me at my new Tablet & Smartphone friendly websites!: www.suzannerothmeyer.com and www.hushhushboudoir.com

You can still find me if you go to the old website URL, or Google Suzanne Fogarty…or use my old email to contact me – technology is wonderful isn’t it??!!  I can’t begin to express my appreciation to all of my clients who have been so supportive and encouraging over the years, and I do hope you will follow me and spread the word!

I hope you enjoy the new website – it showcases some of the changes I am really excited about – Hush-Hush Boudoir is now offering professional hair and make up with every package, and the options have expanded. (I am also so proud to offer a beautiful boutique line of products with those packages. – more on those in a later post!).

It’s a year of changes – I have gained two more beautiful kids in my life, and have committed to a regular schedule of personal projects with some super talented creatives…here’s an example!

Hair & Make Up: Kelsey Ekstrom

Stylist: Christy Rainchild

Wardrobe: Courtesy of Boudoir Bed & Bath and Pearl Buttons


I’m so glad you went this route. It DOES matter!


That you took time to examine your heart and mind in making the decision to change your business name to include your new marriage is a reflection of how you approach your work. It’s not just a business; your photography comes from an emotional and heartfelt inspiration. That much is obvious to anyone looking at your work. A new name won’t change that. Continued success to Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography! BTW, the photo sequence posted above is totally rockin’!!!

I love your choice in taking Rothmeyer as your business name and how the thoughts of coming to this decision came about. Thank you for sharing your deepest heartfelt feelings. Your truth is beautiful and everyone will support you in your future as they have in the past. Your images speak for themselves!

Marika – thank you so much…I think so often of the time I was in a funk, and a bit of a rut, and you stepped up and inspired me – encouraged me to take the time for personal work. Can’t tell you how that shifted things for me. I hope I am paying that forward (i’m trying!)!


You are incredible. I am so happy that you did what your heart felt was the right thing for you. You are truly an inspiration, and just one of the most beautiful, amazing, talented, genuine people I know. I am excited to see all the wonderful things you will create in the near future. 🙂